• Karlyn


    Mother of two beautiful girls ages 18 & 23. What I enjoy most about my career is the patient interaction. I like to exercise and go on weekend motorcycle rides with my boyfriend and friends.

  • Linda


    Boys, boys, boys! Can’t get enough of them… I have three amazing boys…my husband, and my two sons. They’re smart, talented, beautiful, and life’s most precious gift. Even though I have all boys at heart I’m still a girlie girl. I like my purses, the color pink, and I’m that girl who loves those moments when life sweeps me off my feet!

  • Amy


    Golf, travel, Kauai, dancing, the smell of rain, and all of the things that make me laugh are my personal passions! I have 3 bull mastiffs that protect me daily for a meal. My other half thinks he is the better half. I am surrounded at work by good people, and it makes me happy to help make so many people smile each and every day.