Virtually all of the weight loss programs in our society fail the individual because those programs target a rapid loss of weight rather than assist the individual to lose weight in a healthy manner with the end goal of keeping it off for a lifetime.  One of the reasons for the failure of most programs stems from the lack of addressing the metabolism and only focusing on starvation.  You can’t just simply starve someone for a period of time and expect the body to want to cooperate long term. The body’s number one priority is to survive, and the lesson the body learns through starvation is only to store more.  Starvation and gaining weight doesn’t seem all that appealing now does it?
We like to describe our weight loss plan as a two part program:
Part 1: Lifestyle changes which include individualized nutrition (eating according to your blood type), and individualized exercise (exercise according to your blood type).  I wish we all could simply just do this part only and it would work for everyone, but the fact remains that our lives and bodies are just not that simple.  Most of us have tried diet and exercise and most of us have failed at that alone so that isn’t very realistic for most of us with our busy lives!  Believe it or not, most studies show less than 10% of individuals are able to lose weight and keep it off with diet and exercise alone.
Part 2: We all use the tools of modern science, vitamin and herbal vitamin supplementation, and prescription medication to help get your body to respond the way it should.  While supplements and prescription medication alone are not a ‘magic’ tandem; used alongside an individualized plan, with a clear goal, and under medical supervision, they do work amazingly well!  Studies have shown that when combining improved nutrition, appropriate exercise and modern science, the ability to lose weight and keep it off dramatically improves.
Everyday patients come to us sick and tired, of being ‘sick and tired!’ Their bodies are not operating on “all cylinders”, they lack energy, find themselves unmotivated, and stuck in a rut. These same patients not ONLY LOSE WEIGHT, but they discover new energy, a more positive outlook, and regain their quality of life!

Some of the herbal supplements and medications used in our practice and possibly in your treatment include:
PHENTERMINE (Adipex, Fastin)

Phentermine is the most widely used medication of this group of medications, and has been safely and successfully used since it was approved by the FDA in 1959.  These medications can “jump start” the metabolism as well as acting as a very effective appetite suppressant.

Our bodies convert 5-HTP into serotonin, and it is the enzyme that keeps us from craving various foods, mainly salts and sweets as well as allowing us to feel satisfied with smaller portions.  5HTP has also been shown to enhance the effects of phentermine, diethylpropion, and phendimetrazine allowing you to get maximum benefits off minimal medication!

VITAMIN B-12/B-6 Injections
We offer activated vitamin B-12 (methylcobalamine) and B-6 combination injections.  These help to increase natural energy and improved aerobic metabolism improve weight loss and burn carbohydrates more efficiently. 

LIPOTROPIC injections
Since the liver is the primary organ that metabolizes our stored fat into fuel, the Lipotropic injections improve the capacity of the liver to convert more fat in the body into usable fuel. If we don’t clean the liver then our body’s ability to burn fat is markedly reduced even with proper nutrition and exercise.  A fatty liver is like having a factory that can’t operate to full capacity because half of the space is bogged down with junk.
Our most successful patients do the Combo-injection which combines vitamin B-12/B-6 and the Lipotropic solution into one simple weekly injection!

Most of us that battle weight also battle constipation. This indicates that our intestines are slow to eliminate causing us to absorb and store more toxins and cause us to lose energy and gain weight.  If you have any difficulties with regularity, this product (Experience) will be a must!  We also need the right vitamin supplements as our agricultural soils are depleted and we just don’t get all of the nutrients we need through balanced nutrition alone.  Liquid Daily Complete is the most comprehensive vitamin I know of that is all natural, once daily and easily absorbed unlike the hard, compressed vitamins on the market today.

*Publishing these medications and supplements is in no way a recommendation for any patient to purchase or self-administer any drug or herb. All of these products work together, under a doctor’s strict oversight, to produce safe, effective results.

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