If we eat according to our blood type we:

  • Greatly improve digestion by decreasing inflammation throughout the digestive tract
  • Help burn food more efficiently by dramatically increasing our metabolic rate
  • Improve the interaction and balance between insulin and metabolic hormones

Eat right 4 your type

Have you ever wondered why 2 people can follow the same diet plan and one person loses and the other one does not?  More than likely they have different blood types.  If we eat according to our blood type we eat foods that are fuels and energy for our bodies, and if we don’t the opposite will occur.   In other words, if you know your blood type, I can tell you which meats are best for you; which fruits and vegetables are best for you; which nuts, oils and grains are best for you, etc.  I can even tell you how much protein you need per day to reach your goal weight.  If we are going to sacrifice to eat healthy, why not choose the option that works the best for us?  We have all heard of the glycemic index, and what we have is a glycemic index for each blood type.  Think of your body as an engine, and if you have a diesel engine you are not going to use unleaded gasoline as your fuel even if unleaded gasoline is a great fuel for your friend’s car.  Think of your body in that same light, use the fuel that is best for you! Interestingly enough, our food (fuel) choices are responsible for 80% of weight loss with exercise being the other 20%.  When we reach our goal, it becomes a 50/50 ratio of eating and exercising according to our blood type.

When it comes to my own struggles with losing weight, success is my greatest motivator and when I am succeeding I stay "on the wagon."  I am not perfect, but I try to eat according to my blood type the majority of the time and when I do I not only improve my percent body fat, but I feel better.  I have more energy, my mind is less foggy, and I have better digestion and feel more like I did when I was younger.  Let's face it, the further we get past the age of 21 the more tools we need.  If you don't know your blood type, we can do a simple 60 second test in the office and get you the proper nutritional and exercise guidelines for success!